Friday, 30 January 2015

AS Art Edxcel Relationships Colour theory and relationships - Bridget Riley

Bridget Riley Op Art. Bridget Riley used the way our eyes work placing precisely placed and constructed lines together in such a way that if you stare at them movement is created.

Bridget Riley produced later paintings that looked at relationships between colours. But Mr Higgins loves these early monochrome paintings because the illusion of movement is created.

Early Op Art? Dazzle Ships / Dazzle Camoflage

During World War One and to a lesser extent World War Two British Royal Navy used striking patterns on their ships to confuse German Submarines and Ships. The idea was seeing the ship against the moving waves or through the periscope of a submarine it would be impossible to tell what it was and which way is was travelling

British Ship HMS Argus at sea 1918

Unidentified ship in dock