Sunday, 31 January 2016

Edexcel A2 Art Exam 2016 Truth Fantasy And Fiction - Impossible Artwork changing scale

Ron Mueck In Bed 2005

Ron Mueck Boy 2000

Rene Magriette Personal Values 1952

Rene Magriette The Listening Room 1958

Rene Magritte / Le château des Pyrénées

A2 Art Edexcel Exam 2016 Truth Fantasy and Fiction : Impossible Drawings

You can make the impossible look possible by combining high quality observational drawing 

A2 Photography Art Edexcel 2016 Exam Truth Fantasy & And Fiction

Leandro Erlich

Leandro Erlich

Leandro Erlich

Leandro Erlich


AS Art Energy Power Dynamism Muybridge

Eadweard Muybridge was an English Landscape photographer who while in America in 1872 was asked by American Horse Breeder to settle an arguement about Horse movement. Using a bank of 12 cameras Muybridge produced series of photos that showed the stages in a movement.

Muybridges series of photos freezing movement were meant as an means of analysing movement, though he quickly realised the prints could be fixed in a zootrope to create a simulated moving image. By 1878-1880 technogy enabled the beginning of moving film,

Salle Gardner at a Gallop animated photos by Muybridge

Edexcel Art Exam 2016 Energy Power And Dynamism Sally McKay Moving Figures

English Artist who draws and paints from dancers

Monday, 11 January 2016

Edexcel GCSE 2016 Past Present And Or Future Photos that change through time

Photos produced to commemorate the 70ths anniversary of the D Day Landings. Contemporary photos of holiday makers have been blended with war time photos taken at the same location during the 1944 landings 

German Bunker at Omaha Landing Beach

Open these images in a new tab and they will display bigger for printing

Tourists walk by where the body of a dead German soldier once lay in the main square of Place Du Marche in Trevieres after the town was taken by US troops who landed at nearby Omaha Beach in 1944.


Blending of two photos produced by the History TV Channel blending wartime Adolf Hitler in Paris with 21st century tourists apparently unaware of just who else had stood years earlier where they now relaxed

Tom Hussey Photographer

Photographer who prodiced a series of images for a campaign to raise awareness of Alzheimer's. His photos show people who remember the past clearly but are forgetting the present. The reflections are showing what the person is thinking


Tom Philips

Tom Philips is an artist not a photographer. The shots in his ongoing project 20 Sites n Years are just snapshots, badly cropped passers by, badly parked cars that block the views and even a passing tank appear in his shots of London locations. What is impressive is the fact that for the last 38 years he has taken 20 shots at the same time on the same day each year - and it is the slow change over time that is impressive

Edexcel GCSE Art Exam 2016 Past Present And Or Future - portraits through time

Zed Nelson - Portrait Photography
Zed has taken the same portrait of the same family each year for the last 25 years to show the changes and the process



click here to see web article and the photos from the years inbetween

website showing all photos click here

Nicholas Nixon
The US photographer has taken a portrait of his wife BeBe and her three siblings every year since 1974, making us confront the passing of time, family ties and our own mortality

The Brown Sisters 1975


The Brown Sisters 2014


Web Article with explanation and more photos

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Edexcel GCSE Art Exam 2016 Past Present And Or Future Stanley Spencer The Resurrection Cookham

The Resurrection Cookham 1924 - 27

Spencer believed that the divine rested in all creation. He saw his home town of Cookham as a paradise in which everything is invested with mystical significance. The local churchyard here becomes the setting for the resurrection of the dead. Christ is enthroned in the church porch, cradling three babies, with God the Father standing behind. Spencer himself appears near the centre, naked, leaning against a grave stone; his fiancée Hilda lies sleeping in a bed of ivy. At the top left, risen souls are transported to Heaven in the pleasure steamers that then ploughed the Thames

Tate Gallery Webpage

The Resurrection Glassgow 1947 - 1950

Tate Gallery Webpage

Edexcel GCSE Art Exam 2016 Past Present And Or Future - John Constable Ruins Ancient Monuments Stonehenge

John Constable Stonehenge Watercolour 1835
Romantic painting looking at the power of nature the weather and the landscape

William Giles 1910 Engraving print Stonehenge

Images of Stonehenge by other Artists in Salisbury Museum click here

JWM Turner Stonehenge engraving / drawing 1838

JWM Turner Stonehenge 1827 Watercolour painting

GCSE Art Exam Edexcel 2016 Past Present And Future - Remains of a meal - what has passed or gone before

La Desserte (The Remains of the Meal)

Etienne Posper Berne-Bellecour, French, 1838-1910 painting 1876

After Dinner at Ornans


Gustave Courbet

Freedom From Want Norman Rockwell

Jack Smith 1952 After The Meal

Paul Gauguin The Meal 1891

GCSE Exam 2016 Past Present And Or Future Vincent Van Gogh Old Shoes paintings of memories and passage of time

Vincent Van Gogh Old Shoes 1886

Vincent Van Gogh 1886

Vincent Van Gogh 1886

Vincent Van Gogh 1887

This series of paintings may have been intended to be symbolic of Van Gogh's journey and struggle through life. It may be that he was trying to show a connection to the working man as these are all used and worn work boots.

Still Life Paintings by Vincent Van Gogh click here

Monday, 4 January 2016

Edexcel GCSE Art Exam 2016 Past Present And Or Future - Appropriation Art - Art based on appropriation of other Artists imagery

Marcel Duchamp Fountain 1917, Marcel Duchamp took a mass production factory made object a urinal, signed it with a fictitious Artists' name and claimed he had made it into a work of Art

Diego Velazquez Pope Innocent X 1650 - Francis Bacon The Screaming Pope 1953


Edward Hooper Nighthawks 1942

Still from a Simpsons episode Homer vs the 18th Ammendment series 8 1997

Banksy Shopping Trolleys in Monet Painting 2006?

Iconic Vietnam War Photo showing the shooting of a Vietcong prisoner

Banksy appropriated the image to make some something ironic

Lots of other people copied Banksy

Marcel Duchamp 1919 LHOOQ deriviation of Di Vinci's Monet Lisa

Hunter & Gatti’s ‘I Will Make You A Star‘ exhibit at Art Basel

Art Basel Miami Pharell Williams I Will Make You a Star

Art Basel Miami Pharell Williams I Will Make You a Star

Fashion Photographers Hunter & Gatti (Christian Borillo & Martin Cespedes) painted over Fashion Photographs that they had taken


The sculptures look just like traditional “historical” markers and plaques but instead of highlighting a civil war battle or the birthplace of a famous person, they highlight a contemporary social or political issue, adding the weight of historical importance to today’s concerns

Norm Magnusson


adding characters to thrift store paintings by david irvine gnarled branch (32)

David Irvine Artists own painted elements added to found junk shop paintings

David calls this redirected Art Website