Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Order and or disorder GCSE 2014 - Collections of objects arranged to look like portraits

Michael Mapes

Collaged portraits assembled from collections of photos and objects. Arranged like museum display cases in an old fashioned museum

Michael Mapes

Michael Mapes

Links very to Joseph Cornell

Joseph Cornell 

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Order and or disorder - Cell Structure

Jan Niedojadio - amazing sculptures based on organic natural forms 

Sculptures that you can get inside

Saturday, 4 January 2014

Matt Cusick Collaged images from maps Order and disorder

collaged maps some tinted with acrylic paint some using colour from the original maps

his website click here

cut up magazine collage

Order and or Disorder Joiner Photography by David Hockney and others

David Hockney Pearblossom Highway 1986 multiple photos have been layered and arranged to create a large slightly fractured image - like cubism
David Hockney photo joiner


Sohei Nishino
Diorama Dehli 2013 again multiple photos layered and arranged to create a exploded map like image
his website click here
Noel Myles Joiner Photography Landscapes


Noel Myles

Order and or disorder - Cubism Pablo Picasso & Georges Braque

Pablo Picasso Weeping Woman
Still Life 1945
Still Life with Pernod 1914
Wikipedia page on Cubism click here
Metropolitan Museum page on cubism click here
Georges Braque Still Life with Le Jour 1929
webpage on Georges Braque click here
webpage for exhibition of Braque  cubist paintings click here

Georges Braque Bottle & Fishes

Braque Clarinet & Bottle of rum

Braque Bottle and Violin

Ceri Richards Still Life With Music 1933

 Juan Gris Violin & Glass

Order and or Disorder Giuseppe Arcimboldo

Giseppi Arcimbaldo (1527 - 1597) Arcimbaldo was a court portrait painter - and was employed to paint portraits of the royal family and officials in Vienna and Prague. He is remembered for his imaginative 'surreal' paintings of people made from objects. Inspired I think by the Celtic and early Christian tradition of Green Man carvings on Churches no one else would paint like this until Salvador Dali and the Surrealists nearly 400 years later
Links for more Arcimbaldo

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Order and or Disorder Miss Havisham's House Great Expectations by Charles Dickens

Unknown photographer

Miss Havisham

Charles Green Victorian Illustrator 1877 Miss Havisham

GCSE Art Exam 2014 Order and or Disorder Chaos from order abandoned buildings and spaces

In the Namib desert, a few kilometers away from the Namibian port town of L├╝deritz, there's the ghost town of Kolmanskop. Built by Germans in the beginning of the 20th century, Kolmanskop used to house approximately 1,000 diamond miners and their families. As it usually happens though, the town was left abandoned once the diamond field was exhausted

Webpage with more photos click here

 Romain Veillon French Urban Photographer his website


High School in Detroit Mitchigan USA now empty and abandoned. Then and now photos laid over the top of each other click to see more images

click to see more

GCSE Art Exam Order and or Disorder - Order out of chaos - Ursus Wehrli



Ursus Wehrli has produced 2 books in which he takes ordinary scenes to pieces and puts them back together again in a more odered or organised way. He creates order out of disorder

Web article

GCSE Art Exam 2014 Order and or Disorder

Lisa Milroy, ‘Shoes’ 1985

Lisa Milroy Shoes paint on canvas 1985

Her first solo exhibition, in 1984, was of small still-life paintings depicting common objects, either singly or in sets. These were technically remarkable works. Her subsequent series of paintings of objects in groups (rows, clusters, layers or grids) borrowed the language of hardware catalogues, shop display windows and formal arrangements in art and photography, while yet creating autonomous visual statements. Sometimes her arrangement of objects was influenced by their functional identity, so that, for example, stamps become islands for the eyes to travel between or wheels speed forward at an unstoppable visual pace. Later works continued to emphasise the arrangement of objects in relation to the picture plane, and in such works as Plates (1992; London, Nicola Jacobs and Tony Schlesinger priv. col.), in which four blocks of plates are presented in rows of four, six, three and five against a plain mid-grey background, an element of time was also introduced by giving the view of each block from a different height. Other works from the 1990s include landscapes, cityscapes and crowds. Crowd (1992; e.g. London, Nicola Jacobs and Tony Schlesinger priv. col.) demonstrates the artist's continued interest in the technical aspect of the painting process, with strokes, dabs, dashes, dots, planes of colour and other painterly marks layering the surface.
Lisa Milroy, ‘Light Bulbs’ 1988
Lisa Milroy 1988 Lightbulbs

Lisa Milroy Dresses 1988

Lisa Milroy 1988 Records