Thursday, 2 January 2014

GCSE Art Exam 2014 Order and or Disorder

Lisa Milroy, ‘Shoes’ 1985

Lisa Milroy Shoes paint on canvas 1985

Her first solo exhibition, in 1984, was of small still-life paintings depicting common objects, either singly or in sets. These were technically remarkable works. Her subsequent series of paintings of objects in groups (rows, clusters, layers or grids) borrowed the language of hardware catalogues, shop display windows and formal arrangements in art and photography, while yet creating autonomous visual statements. Sometimes her arrangement of objects was influenced by their functional identity, so that, for example, stamps become islands for the eyes to travel between or wheels speed forward at an unstoppable visual pace. Later works continued to emphasise the arrangement of objects in relation to the picture plane, and in such works as Plates (1992; London, Nicola Jacobs and Tony Schlesinger priv. col.), in which four blocks of plates are presented in rows of four, six, three and five against a plain mid-grey background, an element of time was also introduced by giving the view of each block from a different height. Other works from the 1990s include landscapes, cityscapes and crowds. Crowd (1992; e.g. London, Nicola Jacobs and Tony Schlesinger priv. col.) demonstrates the artist's continued interest in the technical aspect of the painting process, with strokes, dabs, dashes, dots, planes of colour and other painterly marks layering the surface.
Lisa Milroy, ‘Light Bulbs’ 1988
Lisa Milroy 1988 Lightbulbs

Lisa Milroy Dresses 1988

Lisa Milroy 1988 Records