Monday, 20 February 2017

Edexcel GCSE Art Exam 2017 Beginning And End Self Portraits

Paintings that show a beginning and an end - Self Portraits

MC Escher Hand drawing a hand 1948

Pieter Bruegel - The Artist and The Buyer 1565

A self portrait of a very grumpy looking Bruegel irritated by a potential buyer or art lover watching him work

Norman Rockwell American Illustrator - Self Portrait Painted for a magazine cover and article where Rockwell discusses his career

Image may contain: cat and indoor 

Lucia Heffernan interesting homage to Norman Rockwell with the copied composition

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Edexcel A Level Art Exam 'Environment' War Art Austin Osman Spare paintings

Austin Spare, Operating in a Regimental Aid Post (1918)

Unpleasant environments. First World War Trenches. A number of Artists were comissioned, or produced for themselves while they were serving as soldiers, They produced paintings and drawings that recorded the intense claustrophobic atmosphere of the trenches. Austin Osman Spare is one of the least well known war artists, but his paintings capture the dark surreal atmosphere of the environment in the trenches.

A Level Art Exam 2017 Edexcel - Environment

2017 Edexcel Art, Graphics, Photography & Textiles Exam title is Environment

These are screen grabs from the Exam Paper. We have a digital copy in school you can download it here (Student Shared\Art\A Level Exam 2017). Sadly this is only available to SJL students, A Level students from other schools will be able to collect their coy from their school from today