Monday, 4 January 2016

Edexcel GCSE Art Exam 2016 Past Present And Or Future - Appropriation Art - Art based on appropriation of other Artists imagery

Marcel Duchamp Fountain 1917, Marcel Duchamp took a mass production factory made object a urinal, signed it with a fictitious Artists' name and claimed he had made it into a work of Art

Diego Velazquez Pope Innocent X 1650 - Francis Bacon The Screaming Pope 1953


Edward Hooper Nighthawks 1942

Still from a Simpsons episode Homer vs the 18th Ammendment series 8 1997

Banksy Shopping Trolleys in Monet Painting 2006?

Iconic Vietnam War Photo showing the shooting of a Vietcong prisoner

Banksy appropriated the image to make some something ironic

Lots of other people copied Banksy

Marcel Duchamp 1919 LHOOQ deriviation of Di Vinci's Monet Lisa

Hunter & Gatti’s ‘I Will Make You A Star‘ exhibit at Art Basel

Art Basel Miami Pharell Williams I Will Make You a Star

Art Basel Miami Pharell Williams I Will Make You a Star

Fashion Photographers Hunter & Gatti (Christian Borillo & Martin Cespedes) painted over Fashion Photographs that they had taken


The sculptures look just like traditional “historical” markers and plaques but instead of highlighting a civil war battle or the birthplace of a famous person, they highlight a contemporary social or political issue, adding the weight of historical importance to today’s concerns

Norm Magnusson


adding characters to thrift store paintings by david irvine gnarled branch (32)

David Irvine Artists own painted elements added to found junk shop paintings

David calls this redirected Art Website