Monday, 5 February 2018

Limitations and or Freedom. EDEXCEL A Level Art 2018

The term Gordian knot refers to a problem most difficult of solution. It is a metaphor for an intractable problem.

Alexander the Great famously cut the Gordian knot, which nobody else had been able to undo, at Gordium, the capital city of ancient Phrygia located where the Royal Road crossed the Sangarius River 47 miles southwest of present-day Ankara, the capital of Turkey, thereby fulfilling the prophecy that whoever undid the knot would become master of Asia 

Rat King is a curious phenomena where groups of rats living squashed together have had their tails sticky with water or grease or waste become matted together. These bizarre groups have survived been joined for surprising lengths of time. 

Carl Fredrik Reuterswärd non violence 1985 Bronze Sculpture