Sunday, 7 January 2018

Edexcel GCSE Art Exam Question 2018 Fragments Tom Phillips Humument

Tom Phillips is an English Artist and a systems Artist. He sets up a set of stages to creating an image and then uses those stages or a 'system' to create a series of related images.

In the 1960s he chose an antique book in a junk shop. The Novel was called the Human Document an obscure Victorian work by WH Mallock in 1892. Phillips set himself the challenge of turning each page in a painting, a work of art. But to make it a collaboration between himself and Mallock, Phillips randomly ringed words on a page then painted out the rest. Leaving the words as fragments and a kind of poem he then created a painting around the words. The result was often enigmatic, with the words creating a poem and a work of art  with the painting.

The resulting paintings were exhibited in 1972 and as the project became famous Phillips produced a book titled the Humument (fragments of Human Document).

Tom Phillips revisited the concept in 2012 and created 82 new pages

 Page from Victorian Novel
Same Page from Humument 1972

Same Page in 2012 version