Thursday, 4 February 2016

Edexcel A2 Art Exam 2016 Truth Fantasy And Fiction Giant Everyday objects American Folk Art and Claus Oldenberg

There is a tradition of giant sculpture in the US with examples that date back to the begin of the 20th Century. Some are quirky and strange, some are huge adverts or signs visible over long distances on the highways advertising businesses, hotels, cafes etc.

Quirky attraction for Museum

early 20th Century coffee shop -  designed to be eye catching and get people to slow down from the main road and stop there

These are an institution in America, tourist attractions with people travelling huge distances to see them.

Claus Oldenburg took the American tradition of making giant roadside objects and folk art and turned it into his own Pop Art

Claes Oldenburg changes the scale of objects and turns the everyday tools of work, rest and play into giant sculptures that often interact with the environment.

Claes Oldenburg website: