Tuesday, 24 February 2015

AS Art Edexcel Relationships Tom Phillips John Keane Layering words and images

Tom Phillips

Tom Phillips chose words at random on pages from a found book and obscured the rest of the page to make images with unusual relationships between text and pictures

Here is the original page of text from the novel

Tom Phillips produced the paintings as a book - here is a page from the first edition from 1973

Here is the same page from the original novel in the 2004 edition

John Keane 

John Keane visited Nicaragua in 1987. 'Contra' rebels allegedly funded and aided by the American Govenment were fighting with the Govenment troops. Keane produced paintings and drawings of poeple attempting to carry on normal life in a war zone. The series of images was called 'beekeeping in a war zone. His paintings and drawings collaged in US Dollars and newspapers to make the connection between the 'war' and the causes of the war