Thursday, 4 December 2014

Figure Sculpture - Henry Moore Jacob Epstein Elizabeth Frink Paul Day Bas Relief

Paul Day

1967 - 

Large scale sculpture by Paul Day 
made as a small clay sculpture then scaled up at a foundry and cast in metal

Look at the three -dimensional mural or frieze around the base of the two figures

The frieze shows three dimensional pictures of life at the railway station

The sculpture scenes are made in clay and cast into metal - look at the textures and detail

Elizabeth Frink

1930 - 1993

These giant imaginative heads were made out of plaster which is carved with a chisel and then cast into bronze

Henry Moore

1898 - 1986

Like the Paul Day sculptures these were made out of clay over a wire frame. The clay model is then cast in metal

Jacob Epstein

1880 -  1959

Sculptures made out of clay and cast into metal