Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Andy Goldsworthy

A simple idea. Andy Goldsworthy created what he calls a Rain Shadow by lying on the ground as it was starting to rain then getting up as it stopped so his body created a barrier and kept part of the ground dry. You could create your own version of this.

This Andy Goldsworthy Sculpture has been created in an Art Gallery rather than directly in the opn air or landscape. He has gathered twigs and sticks and woven them together to create a screen that we view the other stone sculpture through

This a second Andy Goldsworthy sculpture made using collected twigs to create a hanging screen or barrier. This work of art is also created in a gallery rather than in the landscape.

This sculpture by Andy Goldsworthy creates a barrier or container around a fallen tree and is partly inspired by stone sheep pens or folds.

photograph of one of Andy Goldsworthy's Stone Wall sculptures

Photographs of one of Andy Goldsworthy's Stone Wall sculptures